Our process involves just four steps and makes designing your dream kitchen as easy as possible.

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Step 1Measure and design

Begin by mapping out the dimensions of your kitchen on a piece of paper. Our useful graph sheet will help you with this and can be downloaded from our planning tools page. And if you are at all unsure how to do this accurately, you could consider enlisting the help of a local kitchen fitter who should be able to assist you with the measurements. Then, once you have your room correctly sized, you can either start creating your own design, or you can send the plan of your room to us and we can help you with the layout. Either way, once you're happy, let us have your designs and we'll make sure all the required components have been included.

Step 2Select your products

You may already have a vision of your new kitchen in mind - the size of the drawers, the style of sink cabinet, how the area where you’ll cook should look and so on. If you do, simply download our template sheet and apply them to your plan. Alternatively, you can send your list of requirements to us and we can help you create your design.

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Step 3Send us your bag

Once you’re happy with your kitchen design you’ll need to send your shopping bag of cabinet requirements to us. But don’t worry, you won’t be committing yourself to the order at this stage. By sending us your bag all you will be doing is letting us have your official enquiry. Once we’ve received your bag we can check the items you’ve requested and get back to you with any queries.

Step 4Complete your order

By now you’ll have finished your design, either on your own or with a little help from our experts, and we’ll have checked that everything is ready to go. So now it’s time to place your order and we’ll begin hand-crafting your cabinets ready for delivery.

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