Our planning tools will give you a great helping hand. You can download some handy graph paper here as well as the scale plan views of all of our cabinets here which will help you to lay out your kitchen design.

Step 1Grids and drawing

Our graph paper has been designed in order to make it as easy as possible for you to draw out your room. Our handy scale of 1:20, means that each grid on the paper equates to 100mm in your room.

To start designing your kitchen, you’ll first need to measure out the room. Remember to make a note of any windows and doors, as well as any wall features such alcoves which need to be taken into consideration. It might also be useful to note where your services such as water, electricity or gas are in the room.

Once you’ve drawn out the room, you’re ready to start planning the design. It might be useful to create a wishlist of cabinets or appliances you would like in the design. Take a look at our pricing examples page for some inspiration.

Step 2Using the templates

Using our templates for the furniture available here you can apply them to your design. We like to allow a 50mm void, that’s half a box on the graph paper, behind the furniture which allows for services and a more generous worktop, but if space is at a premium it’s not always essential.

Don’t forget to allow a little space, again we recommend 50mm, to either end of the furniture runs in our design, this helps your kitchen fitter to apply a scribe to any uneven walls for a seamless look once finished.

And don’t worry, you’re not on your own. If you’re completely stuck, why don’t you get in touch or send us your plan and see how we can help you to plan your dream kitchen.

Please note: These templates should be printed at actual size; do not scale to fit. This will ensure that the 1:20 scale is achieved.